Sunday, October 10, 2010

oLLIdey oh OLLiDei

i am at my home.. at terengganu rite now.. iam on inter sem vcyion.. yes.. i am absolutely happy.. but i am bored too.. theres nothing else i can do.. hurm.. wake up, breakfast, watching tv, lunch (sometimes nope) watchg tv again, dinner, n sleep.. huhuhu.. the same actvities for everyday.. huhuhu.. if i continue mylife like this, oh no!! i will become like an elephant.. mybe.. huhuhu.. i don want..

urm.. last weekend (fri n saturday at terengganu) there have been held sua rasa at pulau warisan or herritage island.. hahaha.. i went there for both friday and saturday.. perghhh.. very tired.. but very enjoyable.. haha.. n what a good thing............ i bought this broadband.. an offer special for sua rasa's visitos.. haha... i bought celcom broadband juz for RM50.. if on normal day, withut any promotion, it costs RM100.. oh, i mybe cant afford to buy it with RM 100.. huhu.. im really need to save my money for the upcoming sem.. my laz sem.. hahaha.. my allawance?? i will receive it mybe in the middle of november.. \

so, my routine has cganged after i hav my own broadband.. haha.. so, i can on9 everytyme i want.. my mom?? looks like she disagree for me to buy this broadband... but, after i explain briefly, alhamdulllah, she finally agree with me.. hehehe..
hurm.. i llove to listen to the music.. but, i dont know why, lately i juz hear to maher zain.. i love his song very much.. especially awaken.. i really enjoyed it... haha.. n i already all the lyrics.. very meaningful..
hurmm.. eppy olidei to eberybodi.. hahaha... chow!!