Friday, July 29, 2011

30 JULAI 2011

Today, my lovely sister is coming back home, for 3 days. I am very happy but a little disappointed since she cannot celebrate ramadhan with us. Her trip is on Sunday, so it seem that my sis will have her 1st sahur in the bus. What can i do? However, unexpectedly, i got a ring, from my sis, and there is my name on the ring. I really appreciate it. Even it just a stainless steel ring instead of diamond or gold one, im truly very happy. This is my first time i get ring as a present in my lifr. Actually, i have dream to get a ring from someone, and now, my dream become true. Thanks a lot to my sister for this ring. I will treasure it deeply. And i swear, as long as i have finger to wear this ring, i will wear it forever. For a long time i receive no present on my birthday. But this year, so far i get 2 present from my mom and my sis. A clock and a ring. I hope i get more present next time. Hehehe. ^_^

p/s: hope i can have a pair of earring. XD

Monday, July 25, 2011


It has been a long time im not blogging.. kalo nak diikutkan hati, mmg byak yang ak nk share.. p, mcm mlas je nk taip.. 2 r sbb lme ak x update.. hehehe..
hm... bosan kowt dok uma lme2.. apesal la new intake blan 9?? da berkarat kott otak ak nu.. aisyeh, nk kne mnum pluntur byak2 ni.. heeee..
reunion... byak plan nk wat reunion.. p, seems like unreasonable jee.. hihihi... ak mmf byak komplain kan3... bese laa.. ble da jdik tue.. hehehe..
skunk ni ngah lyan lenka-trouble is a friend of mine.. yeke?? al x cye pn.. ak layan sbb sore ye best.. haaa.. skunk avril lak, my happy ending.. hehehehe.. hm..
im not in da rite mood nk sharing caring ni.. hehehe..
nk mlalot je dlu.. actually, kalo ak blogging ni. i remember n thought od someone which i miss da most.. xtae r cne leh ak break off... huhuhuhu.. im really miss u dude.. miss ur smile, ur jokes and everything bout u..