Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My BelOved roOmate>>>> SYEDA

This is my roomate..
She is a girl..
She is 18..
She is my only roomate..
She is an ICT's student..
She have a brother and two younger brother..
Her brother>> Abang Akiem, study at the same place with us, CFSIIUM
Her younger brother>> Hadi, study at maahad at Kelantan and Mustaqim, study at primary school around their house..
And, she is the only girl in her family..
Her father is working with a huge oil company, PETRONAS.. at the main company, at KLCC..
Her mom is a teacher at secondary school..
I am glad to be her roomate..
She is my roomaye forever, eventhought we are different courses..

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