Friday, July 29, 2011

30 JULAI 2011

Today, my lovely sister is coming back home, for 3 days. I am very happy but a little disappointed since she cannot celebrate ramadhan with us. Her trip is on Sunday, so it seem that my sis will have her 1st sahur in the bus. What can i do? However, unexpectedly, i got a ring, from my sis, and there is my name on the ring. I really appreciate it. Even it just a stainless steel ring instead of diamond or gold one, im truly very happy. This is my first time i get ring as a present in my lifr. Actually, i have dream to get a ring from someone, and now, my dream become true. Thanks a lot to my sister for this ring. I will treasure it deeply. And i swear, as long as i have finger to wear this ring, i will wear it forever. For a long time i receive no present on my birthday. But this year, so far i get 2 present from my mom and my sis. A clock and a ring. I hope i get more present next time. Hehehe. ^_^

p/s: hope i can have a pair of earring. XD

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