Friday, October 2, 2009

28 SepTemBer 2009

Ting Tong! Ting Tong! it was 12 o'clock, that mean today is 28 september 2009>> Syeda's birthday!! I always remember her birthday.. But, I can't celebrate and wish to her rite now because i have a suprise and tomorrow we have a very important exam~ MATH 1.. huhuh.. So, I plan to make a simple party for her at SMAWP 3034.. To NUR SYAHIDA ZAINAL ABIDIN, I love u so much..
Happy birthday my dear.. U are my HOTTEST ROOMATE for this year and forever.. Also, thanx to abg akiem,abg kama, an]bg hadi, badrul, ika, sarah and kak jaja 4 helping me to make syeda happy on her birthday.. thanx u all!!

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